Black Hawaiian Sea Salt



Ever wonder what it would taste like to have a sip of pure Hawaiian sea water?  Well you have a chance to now at Burke Candy! Well kind of…. We have been slaving away on our beautiful White Chocolate Caramels with Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.  I wanted to learn a little more about this salt that gives our caramels that perfect pop of color and unique finishing taste.

Black Hawaiian sea salt also known as black lava salt comes from a small, virtually uninhabited island in the chain of Hawaiian Islands called Molokai.  Having nearly no industry on Molokai means very little contaminants seep into the ocean surrounding this island, leaving the sea water unpolluted.  They harvest the sea salt through high tech solar evaporators that keep the salt crystals intact through the slow evaporation process.  Electrolytes and naturally occurring minerals are kept within the salt crystals unlike most processes that deplete the salt of the nutrients.  Black lava salt has the dramatic color because it is mixed with charcoal, believed to have antioxidant properties and digestive health benefits.WC SS caramel

Come and enjoy our delicious and nutritious, White Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels!

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