RECIPE: Sugar Free Nukrispy Treat

Use Burke Candy & Ingredients Sugar Free Marshmallow Nukreme for your next batch of Marshmallow Crispy Treats or as we like to call them Burke’s Nukrispy Treats!  Great for those cutting sugar out of their diets but still want the same great flavor as the original!


Burke Sugar Free Marshmallow Nukreme                            7.5 oz.

Butter                                                                                             ¼ cups

Crispy Rice Cereal                                                                       5 cups

Melt Sugar Free Marshmallow Nukreme and butter in microwave safe bowl.  Microwave for 3 minutes.  (Stir 3 times, once per minute)  Mix in crispy cereal until fully coated.  Using a buttered spatula or waxpaper, press mixture evenly into buttered 13 x 9 inch pan.  Let cool.  Cut into desired shape and ENJOY!  Yield: About 24 (2×2 inch) squares.

SF nukrispy

Sugar Free Nukrispy Treat





This Easter, give your customers what they want… Chicks, Ducks and Marshmallow Eggs.

Follow our cut-slab marshmallow recipe and the profits will roll in.

Nukreme (Burke Candy) 12.00 lbs

Gelatin, 225 Bloom 00.60 lbs

Water 750 ml

Vanilla Candirome (Burke Candy) 1.0 oz

Potassium Sorbate (Burke Candy) .50 oz


1. In a double boiler (or using 2 copper kettle), heat 12 lbs of Nukreme to about 100°F.

2. Bloom the gelatin*. (Boil Water, add Gelatin, mix and let sit about 20 minutes)

3. Add gelatin solution to warm Nukreme and mix using a paddle.

4. Add vanilla and potassium sorbate. (Water based Color or Flavor can be added at this stage)

5. Mix constantly for 5 minutes.

6. Pour marshmallow into a frame or sheet pans.

7. Dust with corn starch (both sides).

8. Let set over night.

9. Remove the frames and cut into any shape you desire.


*The ratio of Water to Gelatin can vary depending on marshmallow consistency

– For a firmer marshmallow, add more gelatin.

– For a softer marshmallow, add less gelatin.



Save time this Easter by using Burke Candy- Ready to Use- Burco Coconut Dough (Paste) & Cream Centers!


Available in 17 different flavors!!

1. Weigh ¼# of cream center.
2. Hand roll into egg shape.
3. Temper milk or dark chocolate.
4. Dip the cream egg into the tempered chocolate and set on parchment lined tray.
5. Allow to cool and set.
6. Drizzle with any color white chocolate for a colorful Easter egg or cover in foil for foil eggs.Mini Bon Bon Eggs low res

Burke Candy featured on the Boelter Superstore Blog

Grandmother Reilly's Chocolates assortment.

Photo provided by Boelter Superstore blog.

“With all due respect to Forrest Gump, in a Burke Candy box, we know exactly what we’re gonna get, and we love it!” says writer Julie Pandl of the Boelter Superstore blog. Thanks, Julie!

Read all the praise we received from the lovely Milwaukee restaurant suppliers here.

Confectioners’ Pectin Replacement for Whisto Jel

How can Confectioners’ Pectin replace Whisto Jel you ask?
Well it cooks in less time, is swifter, no hot room required when handling Jellies & they are ready to be cut and sugared as soon as cool.  And Confectioners’ Pectin lowers costs and increases profits!

What is Confectioners’ Pectin?
Confectioners’ Pectin is standardized citron pectin, which is being used more widely than ever in the manufacturing of extra fine Jellies, is neutral in flavor and is most frequently used with Orange, Lemon, Raspberry and Mint flavors.

Cut-slab jellies made with this product may be cut into squares or rectangular pieces and rolled in half corn starch and half powdered sugar, or in granulate sugar.

When Confectioners’ Pectin is used in cast jellies, we recommend that manufacturers put on a light instead of a heavy crystal and allow the jellies to remain in crystal pans for about an hour and three-quarters.

Manufacturers, who desire to vary the quantity of Confectioners’ Pectin, recommended in our formulas should be very careful not to use too much as the batch will jell in the kettle if an excessive amount is used.   An ounce more or less of Confectioners’ Pectin is sufficient to produce any desired variations.

Cut Slab Jellies
  • 1# Confectioners’ Pectin
  • 10# Sugar
  • 1.5 gallons H20
  • 7# Corn Syrup, heated
  • Flavor/Color
  • 1 oz. Citric Solution (50%)

Mix 1# Confectioners’ Pectin with 10# of sugar and add 1.5 gallons of water.  Bring to a boil while stirringadd 7# of heated corn syrup and stir until it comes back to a boil.

Take paddle out and wash down sides.

Cook to 228 degrees F.  Add flavor and color.  Add 1 oz. 50% citric acid solution just as you pour on slab.  Pour quickly.

Note: Do not let thermometer touch bottom of kettle or it will scorch.

The acid solution is made on the basis of 1 oz. of Citric acid dissolved in 1 oz. of water.

Making a Burke Caramel Apple

  1. Use granny smith or your favorite sour apple.  Using a sour apple will give you a better contrast with the sweet caramel and less likely to brown quickly
  2. Wipe down apples for any wax coating or dirt.
  3. Dry apples and let sit until they are at room temperature.  If apples are cold there is a possibility of caramel sliding off due to moisture.
  4. Take out stem and push a wooden skewer in the top.
  5. Heat up Burke’s Perfecto in microwave.  Starting with 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, ready!
  6. Submerge the skewered apple into the hot caramel and spin until the apple is completely covered and excess removed.
  7. Place the dipped apples onto a greased surface, such as a sheet pan with pan grease.

*For a fun alternative….dip the apples into the caramel and then chopped roasted peanuts or almonds for a delicious treat.  Or even drizzle chocolate over the caramel or both!apples

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt



Ever wonder what it would taste like to have a sip of pure Hawaiian sea water?  Well you have a chance to now at Burke Candy! Well kind of…. We have been slaving away on our beautiful White Chocolate Caramels with Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.  I wanted to learn a little more about this salt that gives our caramels that perfect pop of color and unique finishing taste.

Black Hawaiian sea salt also known as black lava salt comes from a small, virtually uninhabited island in the chain of Hawaiian Islands called Molokai.  Having nearly no industry on Molokai means very little contaminants seep into the ocean surrounding this island, leaving the sea water unpolluted.  They harvest the sea salt through high tech solar evaporators that keep the salt crystals intact through the slow evaporation process.  Electrolytes and naturally occurring minerals are kept within the salt crystals unlike most processes that deplete the salt of the nutrients.  Black lava salt has the dramatic color because it is mixed with charcoal, believed to have antioxidant properties and digestive health benefits.WC SS caramel

Come and enjoy our delicious and nutritious, White Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels!

Memorial Day Weekend!

Honor Flight

Grandmother Reilly’s Chocolates and Burke Candy are proud to support Honor Flight.  Since 2004, Burke Candy has donated chocolates to the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight based out of Milwaukee, WI.  This past November, Julia was thrilled to be a guardian of one of the World War II Veterans on his journey to Washington DC. She describes it as a truly remarkable experience and encourages everyone to watch the Honor Flight film.  “This is a trip my father would have loved,” Julia said, referring to Paul Reilly, a WWII veteran and the recipient of three Purple Hearts.

Burke Candy wishes everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  In salute to all who have served, Grandmother Reilly’s Chocolates is donating 10% of every American Flag Chocolate Box to Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.

American Flag Chocolates






S’more what!? I haven’t had anything yet.

The Burke S’more.
First you take the Graham.

Burke Nukreme is perfect for making family favorite S’mores. Simply take the Nukreme, smear it on a graham cracker, then add chocolate or completely dip it in melted milk or dark chocolate for a fun treat! No need to light up the grill.

You can always have s’more. Even if you haven’t had anything yet.